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Did you know that the benefits of giving to charities extend far beyond the tax breaks? A study by a University of Oregon professor and his colleagues demonstrated that charitable contributions create a response in the brain that mimics one activated by drugs and other stimuli. This response elicits a surge of dopamine and endorphins that are experienced as “hedonic” and rewarding. Charitable giving can feel pleasurable in the deepest parts of your physiology – more so than a night on the town or a new outfit. Next time you're feeling a little blue, make a donation to one of your favorite causes!

Who Are We?

The Samaritan Group, Inc.
The Samaritan Group, Inc. was founded in 1991 by citizens and business leaders in Gloucester County. It is designed to provide financial assistance for families in temporary need. The people we serve must be a resident of Gloucester County and have been so for a minimum of 12 months. Assistance will only be granted once within a 12 month period.